Modern Languages 2007 Award Ceremony, UT Arlington

We had our departmental award ceremony on Wednesday May 2nd and it was a big success thanks to the hard work of our award committee and departmental staff. Sandy Wise sang The Girl from Ipanema and Professor Richard Francaviglia, the Director of the Center for Southwestern Studies and Cartography at UTA gave a magnificently humorous keynote. I would like to thank Alicia Rueda Acedo, Ignacio Ruiz Pérez, Georgia Seminet, Melissa Miner and Dórica Rosado for doing such a wonderful job. And last but not least, I thank our students, for making our job such a joy. Here are some snapshots from a joyful, celebratory afternoon at UTA.

Professors Choi, Seminet and Rueda Acedo. What great colleagues!


One of my students, Jesús González Hernández, and yours truly. Congratulations on your award Jesús.




Avery Koch, Jesús, Andrew Gordon and other students at the reception.



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