Cultural Constructions Conference 2007: Memory

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Antoinette Sol, the Modern Languages Cultural Constructions of Memory conference was a great success. It was held on Friday May 4 in Trimble Hall 200. Presenters included UTA graduate students from Spanish, French, Linguistics, English and History, a graduate student from Rice University’s French program, and several faculty members, such as Drs. Alicia Rueda Acedo, Georgia Seminent and Dr. Thierry Leger of Kennesaw State University, our wonderful keynote speaker. Those of us lucky to be in attendance heard outstanding papers on autobiography, advertising, culture, nationalism and language. And, as usual, excellent food was had by all in the morning, at noon and into the afternoon. It is a small conference, but it brings us together, and we are serious about creating community and dialogue. And, that’s quite an achievement. The Cultural Constructions conference of 2007 was another reason to be proud about our department and what we do. Here’s the brochure of the program.


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