Hello Meebo

José Támez and I are working with UTA’s Center for Distance Education on adapting our Business Spanish courses to the web. At the CDE, we were glad to meet Matt Crosslin, who will be working with us. (Matt is one of the people behind Edugeek Journal). One of the things we learned about was Meebo. On its site, Meebo describes itself in this way:

“meebo me is a small chat window that you can put on your webpage for visitors to talk with you. It’s ideal for places like your Myspace profile, your blog, your online auction, your classroom’s homepage, or really any site where you’d like to socialize with the people on your site. Your buddy list at meebo.com will light up when someone visits your page and then you can double click on their name to strike up a conversation. In one click, no registration or download required, visitors can start typing in the chat window on your page to talk with you.”

As you can see, I’ve already set up a Meebo account and a talk box on this page. Let’s see how this works. If I’m online and logged in, you will see a message that I’m free to talk and you can send me a message. We can then IM back and forth.


2 thoughts on “Hello Meebo

  1. Came here after responding to your comments on my own blog.
    Have you had students contact you through Meebo? It didn’t occur to me when I first saw WP.com’s support for Meebo but it could be a useful tool for collaboration.
    OTOH, I’m not much of an IMer.

  2. Enkerli, thanks for stopping by. I have used Meebo a few times over the past few days with students enrolled in an internet class. Was useful.

    Often, I am contacted by students who need to talk to me but who can’t come to my office hours (UTA has alot of commuter students). I think Meebo could handle certain kinds of meetings with those kinds of students well. We’ll see. I have to play with it some more. I’m not much of an IMer either. Never done it before this.

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